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Coconut Butterflied Shrimp9.95

Wild-caught shrimp butterflied and hand tossed in coconut cooked to a golden perfection. Served with our Mango Habanero Sauce

Wings... 32 Style9.95

8 Jumbo Buffalo wings served with celery and blue cheese

Choose your sauce: Buffalo | Jerk | Bourbon | Sweet Thai Chili | Serrano Chili | BBQ | Garlic Parm

Chili Maple Pork Belly Puffy Tacos10.95

Sous Vide pork belly served in our signature shells topped with pickled tomatillo and red onion. Served with Chili Maple sauce

Old Bay Dusted Wild-Caught Calamari12.95

Served with fried peppers, blistered tomato, finished with balsamic glaze

Wood Fired Flatbreads8.95

Fresh mozzarella, baby arugula, heirloom tomatoes and artichokes dressed with balsamic glaze

Blues style - Add apple smoked bacon - 2.00

Jerk - Add signature jerk chicken - 2.00

Sea Style - Add jumbo wild shrimp - 5.00

Latin - Add Queso cheese and chorizo sausage - 3.00

Signature Sliders9.95

3 Sliders on brioche buns with power slaw

Choose from:

Steak and our moody blue cheese | Caribbean jerk chicken with mild jerk sauce | Spinach, roasted peppers and balsamic glaze


32's Supreme - Shredded cheddar jack cheese, olives, lettuce, tomato and jalapenos. Served with sour cream and house made salsa - 7.95

Add guacamole - 0.99

Latin - queso cheese pico de gallo salsa and chorizo sausage - 9.95

Jerk - 32 supreme with Caribbean jerk chicken - 10.95

Signature Salads

We offer only gluten-free dressings to accommodate any needs and choices:

Balsamic, Blood Orange Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Caesar, Honey Mustard, Creamy Italian, Oil & Vinegar, Ranch, Raspberry

Top any of our crisp salads with:

Grilled Chicken Breast - 3.00 | Grilled Steak - 5.00 | Seared Wild Shrimp - 5.00 | Fresh Avocado - 3.00

Blue 328.95

Fresh baby greens, tomato medley, hard boiled eggs, apple smoked bacon and blue cheese

Greek Salad8.95

Crisp romaine, heirloom tomatoes, red onion, Kalamata olives tossed in our Greek dressing and topped with feta cheese

Spinach Salad8.95

Baby spinach with candied walnuts, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries and goat cheese dressed in raspberry vinaigrette

Caesar Salad8.95

Fresh romaine lettuce with house made croutons and tossed in our Caesar dressing topped with shaved parmesan cheese

Seared Sesame Ahi Tuna 12.95

With grilled romacrunch, tomato medley, pickled red onion and avocado

House Salad5.95

Baby greens, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber carrots, sweet onion and house made croutons served with your choice of dressing

Burgers and Sandwiches

Our 100% Certified Angus Beef Burgers are a Hearty 10 Ounce and served with lettuce, tomato, signature fries and powerslaw offered on bun, wrap or naked

Substitute any beef burger with a veggie burger or grilled chicken

Cheese choices: cheddar, cheddar/jack, fresh mozzarella, goat crumbles, Swiss

Big Blues Burger10.95

Served on our brioche bun with lettuce tomato and onion 

Add cheese for 0.50

32 Style 12.95

Our Big Blue topped with bacon jam and choice of cheese

Cheddar Bacon Burger11.95

Served with cheddar and apple wood smoked bacon

Latin Style11.95

Topped with avocado, cheddar jack and chipotle mayo

Mushroom Swiss11.95

Big blue with sautéed wild mushrooms and melted Swiss

Grilled Chicken Caesar10.95

Lettuce shaved parmesan and Caesar dressing

Regular - 10.95 | Naked served with lettuce, tomato and onion - 9.95

Panini Sandwiches

Pressed and served on our Italian panini bread with signature fries and powerslaw

Substitute with a wrap, brioche bun or gluten-free wrap or bun

Grilled Chicken9.95

Served with baby spinach, roasted red peppers and goat cheese

32's Steak And Wild Mushroom 10.95

Sliced prime steak topped with wild mushrooms and melted Swiss


Portabella mushroom, spinach, roasted peppers and mozzarella with balsamic drizzle

Regular - 9.95 | Go Vegan - 8.95


Add house salad 4.00

Entrees come with 2 sides as recommended or choose from Jasmine rice, French fries, baked potato, spätzle, broccoli, carrots, petite green beans, seasonal vegetable medley

Gluten free pasta 2.00

Char-Grilled Prime Sirloin18.95

12 oz Certified Angus steak served with a creamy mustard sauce, & sautéed wild mushrooms, mashed potato, & broccoli.

Jamaican Oxtail14.95

Signature brown stewed Oxtail. Served with jasmine rice & vegetable medley.

Blues Signature Jerk Chicken12.95

Our signature chicken quarters jerk style with poblano creamed corn. Served with poblano creamed corn & broccoli.

Chicken And Gemelli Alfredo14.95

Grilled chicken breast served with fresh gemelli, creamy alfredo sauce, and broccoli.

Poblano Shrimp And Grits16.95

Smokey wild shrimp served atop grits and choice of veg.

Pan Roasted Cod Loin13.95

With blistered tomato medley, caper lemon sauce. served with jasmine rice & broccoli.

Fish And Chips 13.95

Golden crisp pollock. Served with house fries, powerslaw, & choice of veg.

Burrata Ravioli14.95

Jumbo fresh ravioli filled with creamy burrata served with wild mushrooms, blistered tomatoes and balsamic glaze.

Gemelli Marinara11.95

Fresh pasta served in our marinara sauce, with choice of veg.

Grilled Salmon18.95

Filet of Salmon; Choice of Garlic Sweet Chili Sauce, Creamy Dill Sauce or Naked. Served with fresh vegetable medley.

*Salmon can be prepared broiled or poached


Root Beer Float..Cake Style6.95

Nostalgic layers of root beer vanilla cake topped with root beer spiked whipped icing

Berry And Mascarpone Cake6.95

Wild berries blended in a rich lemon mascarpone nestled in a vanilla crumb cake

32's Chocolate Torte 5.95

Rich flourless chocolate cake finished with a ganache topping

Blue's Cheesecake6.95

New York Style cheesecake served with our signature blueberry sauce

Lemon Raspberry Drop Cake5.95

Creamy lemon vanilla mousse and raspberry

Ice Cream Scoops3.95

Vanilla bean, chocolate or twist served with our blueberry sauce



Pepsi | Sierra Mist | Ginger Ale | Seltzer | Iced Tea


Cranberry | Pineapple | Apple | Lemonade


Herbal Teas2.39

Items & Prices Are Subject To Change